Sunrise Smoothie #drink #smoothie

Sunrise Smoothie #drink #smoothie

I haven't put a smoothie formula up here in some time, which is unusual on the grounds that I make them a great deal! Indeed, I make smoothies consistently. If you somehow managed to come over and open up my cooler and cooler, half of everything in there is natural product!

As of late I have been truly into layered smoothies, which are so much fun since you get the opportunity to drink a few smoothies in one! Some days I can't choose a flavor, so it is decent to layer up a couple of various smoothie enhances across the board glass. You can likewise have to a greater degree an assortment of organic products by doing this, since including such a large number of kinds of natural products to one smoothie may not generally turn out the manner in which you'd like. Layered smoothies are extremely simple to make, and just take somewhat longer to make. The best tip I can give you with regards to layered smoothies is to deliberately spoon the second smoothie over the primary while layering, provided that you pour it at the same time, it will be excessively overwhelming and sink and the smoothies will combine!

The shades of this mango raspberry dawn smoothie help me to remember a late spring dawn. I have been up early regularly enough with my child young lady to value the delightful dawns this mid year! At the beginning of today I woke up right on time and went on a run. Morning runs are generally so quiet before the morning surge hour occurs and a great many people are simply awakening to prepare for work. Toward the beginning of today the sky was so lovely – I put a pic up on my instagram. The mist was encompassing the city, however legitimately over it was a blue sky spotted with cushioned white mists. A short time later, I delighted in a tasty smoothie as a pleasant treat for breakfast.

Sunrise Smoothie #drink #smoothie

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Ingredients :

  • ⅔ cup orange juice, divided
  • ⅔ cup plain Greek yogurt, divided
  • ½ cup frozen mango chunks
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 banana, divided
  • ½ cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 tbsp ground flaxseed

Instructions :

  1. Add ⅓ cup yogurt, ⅓ cup orange juice, ½ banana, mango and honey to a blender and blend. Pour into a glass and set aside.
  2. Add ½ banana, raspberries, flaxseed, ⅓ cup orange juice, and ⅓ cup yogurt to a blender and blend.
  3. Carefully spoon the raspberry smoothie on top of the mango smoothie.

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