Healthy Orange Julius Smoothie #drink #healthydrink

Healthy Orange Julius Smoothie #drink #healthydrink

This Healthy Orange Julius Smoothie is a flashback to youth! They were my preferred treat when visiting shopping centers. This new orange smoothie is an a lot more beneficial adaptation, as appeared in the nourishing details examination underneath!

The shopping center beverage is stuffed with more sugar than a container of soft drink, what's more having nutrient C from the squeezed orange it contains, it's without supplements. It's a sugar bomb with no protein and no fiber.

My Healthy Orange Julius Smoothie is made with genuine organic product, and contains no additional sugars — the 20 grams it contains come straight from the oranges and banana. Since it's made with entire fixings, it likewise has a decent portion of fiber, Vitamin A, calcium and iron.

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Healthy Orange Julius Smoothie #drink #healthydrink


  • 2 oranges peeled
  • 1 banana large, peeled, quartered & frozen
  • 1/4-1/2 cup almond milk or sub coconut milk
  • 15 large ice cubes
  • 20 grams whey protein isolate optional*
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla


  1. For a thick smoothie, be sure your banana is completely frozen prior to making a smoothie. I also only use 1/4 cup of liquid to keep things on the thicker side.
  2. Add peeled oranges, frozen banana, ice cubes, your choice of milk (can sub orange juice for a sweeter smoothie), optional protein powder, and vanilla to a blender. This works best in a high speed blender, but can be made in a good quality standard blender.
  3. Blend until the oranges are completely smoothie and the smoothie is thick and creamy. Top with a dollop of yogurt or coconut cream, if desired.

*Use almond milk for the lowest calorie/sugar smoothie. Use orange juice if you'd prefer a sweeter smoothie. I often use coconut milk to add a bit of extra creaminess and richness to the smoothie.
*Whey protein is optional, but I recommend it for the best texture. The whey protein isolate I've linked to in the recipe is unsweetened, but has a natural vanilla flavor added that also adds an extra boost of vanilla flavor.

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