Pink Lemonade Champagne Margaritas #healthydrink #easyrecipe #cocktail #smoothie

Nothing says tasteful very like these dazzling Pink Lemonade Champagne Margaritas. The ideal champagne mixed drink for weddings, showers or young ladies night out!

Need to realize what genuine romance is? Making all the champagne mixed drinks on the planet for you while I was pregnant… and not having the option to drink a solitary one. Truly, it's actual my companions, in anticipation of taking a maternity break to respect our little fella we tried a bazillion (genuine number) of astonishing tasty margarita champagne mixed drinks only for you.

Truly, I drank the virgin forms and yes the whole studio (counting a few clueless people who were there for a picture shoot) were given parts and bunches of champagne mixed drinks for point by point trials. Furthermore, indeed, in the event that you were pondering I didn't listen to a solitary grievance of any of them haha.

Pink lemonade is the key to these dazzling minimal pink champagne mixed drinks. The exemplary champagne margaritas are tasty obviously, however including a fly of sweet pink lemonade places these into hazardous domain.

What's more, obviously, when I state perilous, I mean brilliant in the "I can't generally taste the liquor however I know it's there" and all the abrupt I'm at the wedding moving to Thriller like nobodies business and I simply couldn't care less.
Pink Lemonade Champagne Margaritas #healthydrink #easyrecipe #cocktail #smoothie
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  • 1 cup champagne
  • 2 cups pink lemonade
  • ½ cup tequila
  • ½ cup triple sec
  • ¼ cup lime juice
  • lime slices
  • Toppings -- sugar sticks rimmed with pink salt and/or sugar


  1. Combine all ingredients.
  2. Rim glass with lime slice then dip in sugar or salt.
  3. Serve with sugar sticks.

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