Honey Whipped Goat Cheese with Apple Slices #desserts #cakerecipe #chocolate #fingerfood #easy

As a matter of first importance, we are grateful. We are grateful for the air we inhale, the individuals we are encompassed by, and the rooftop over our heads. At that point, we are grateful for cheddar. Perfect, tart, and rich cheddar. So today, we are celebrating only that with an extraordinary starter for all your spring and summer get-togethers. Dear Honey Whipped Goat Cheese Dip with Apple Slices, the light in me perceives the light in you.

Montechevre® Flavored Goat Cheese Logs do the greater part of the work for us, since they come previously implanted with nectar. Once more, we are appreciative. A hurl of this, a pour of that, and a couple of logs of Montechevre® Honey Goat Cheese Logs into a bowl. We whip, whiiiipp, WHIIIIP, until this light and smooth plunge shows up. Did I notice that their goat cheddar is non-GMO? The appreciation continues streaming.

Best to slather this plunge all over a shallow bowl, shower with some nectar, and sprinkle with crisp herbs—thyme for instance—from the nursery. We additionally level up when we purchase every one of the shades of apples we can discover to make this inclination. Introduction is vital. Particularly when you're heading off to a gathering and you're out to dazzle.

With unlimited grills, picnics, occasions, graduations, weddings, showers and occasions that appear to include our mid year, wouldn't it be pleasant to keep this formula in your back pocket? You know, that formula that you bring in light of the fact that individuals continue mentioning it? This is the one. Believe in that.
Honey Whipped Goat Cheese with Apple Slices #desserts #cakerecipe #chocolate #fingerfood #easy
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  • 2 – 4 ounce Montechevre® Honey Goat Cheese Logs
  • 1/4 cup cream cheese
  • 1 tablespoon heavy cream
  • 4 apples, sliced
  • *honey and fresh herbs for topping*


  1. Place room temperature goat cheese, cream cheese and heavy whipping cream into a medium bowl. With a hand mixer, mix together until combined. Turn the speed up as high as the mixer goes and whip until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.
  2. Slice Apples. If making ahead, soak the slices in water with the juice of a lemon to slow oxidation.
  3. Place Honey Whipped Goat Cheese into a shallow bowl. Drizzle with honey and sprinkle with fresh thyme.

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