Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells #dinnerrecipe #food #amazingrecipe #easyrecipe

These Witch's Brew Brownies are the ideal Halloween dessert formula for spending the majority of your remaining Halloween sweet!

Yippee! November is at long last here! Indeed, I'm one of those individuals who has the house brightened and has just begun Christmas shopping. I can't resist, I adore this season! The drawback of the start of November is that regardless i'm attempting to dispose of the remaining Halloween sweet from a month ago's celebrations. OMG, So. Much. Treat. Wednesday I was home with my little girl. She was exhausted, I was exhausted (clothing and cleaning is exhausting folks!) and I chose we would do somewhat enchantment and make the remainder of that Halloween sweet vanish into these Witch's Brew Brownies!

Plans utilizing remaining Halloween sweet don't need to be confused. These Witch's Brew Brownies utilize a boxed brownie blend and the majority of the remaining Halloween sweet you have! It's truly straightforward, simply make a clump of brownies from a boxed brownie blend and fill them with remaining sweets, and some eatable eyes, since all you truly need to make a formula Halloween-y are consumable eyes. My little girl adored that part :). My girl helped me combine everything and afterward we popped everything in the broiler. The treat will in general sink as the brownies cook so I put half of the Halloween sweet aside and 5 minutes before the brownies were prepared to leave the stove I included the remainder of the treat to the highest point of the brownies, squeezing it down into the brownies softly.
Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells #dinnerrecipe #food #amazingrecipe #easyrecipe
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  • 1 box Brownie mix + ingredients listed on back of box
  • Leftover Halloween candy, any kind!
  • Edible Eyes


  1. Make brownies according to instructions on the box.
  2. Pour brownie mix into pan and top with Halloween candy. Save half to place on top at the end. 
  3. Bake according to package instructions. 
  4. 5 minutes before the brownies have finished baking add the remaining Halloween candy to the top of the brownies.
  5. When the brownies have finished baking remove them from the oven and add the edible eyes. Let cool.
  6. Enjoy!

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