Orange Creamsicle Jello Shots #drinks #jelly

Orange Creamsicle Jello Shots #drinks #jelly

Smooth and Orangy.. these Orange Creamsicle Jello Shots are an extraordinary blend of tart and tart orange seasoned jello joined with the plush and smooth surface of the whipped cream. Truly, it's a glorious match. Be that as it may, pause, there's additional!!!

Include some alcohol, and you have a genuine magnificent take home gift! The orange creamsicle side of things will take you back to your adolescence, when you would visit your grandparents, and they ALWAYS HAD creamsicle flies available.. one per day.. throughout the entire summer. At that point then again you have the BOOZE! It takes you straight from your adolescence into the youthful grown-up years.. Great TIMES! In any case..

I'm certain if these heavenly creamsicle jello shots don't bring back recollections.. they're certain to make new ones! Appreciate Responsibly! We suggest The Jellinator, to for the master jello shot pour!

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Orange Creamsicle Jello Shots #drinks #jelly


  • 1 cup boiling hot water
  • 1 cup ice cold vodka
  • 1 packet of Orange Jello
  • Whipped Cream


  1. Bring one cup of water to a boil. I recommend you use an electric kettle—they boil fast!
  2. Choose a good mixing bowl! One with a pouring lip helps! Now that we have a good bowl.. add 1 cup of boiling water and the contents of 1 box of orange jello. Begin to stir until all Jello is dissolved.. which will take about 1 minute.
  3. Then add 1 cup of ice cold liquor, and stir for 1 more minute. Side note: Science tells us that your shots will solidify better in the fridge if your liquor is as cold as possible when you add it to the boiling hot Jello.
  4. After everything is totally dissolved, pour the mixture into little plastic shot glass cups. If you want to be really safe about it, check out The Jellinator to pour shots like a jello shot zen master.
  5. Set in the fridge for around 2 hours.
  6. Garnish with whipped cream!
  7. Enjoy responsibly!

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